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ZATS Lite Bite Course Detail

ZATS Lite-Bite is a series of modules directly related to the full-fat Survivor Series: Zombie Apocalypse Training School.


The Lite-Bite sessions are a smaller slice of the action; with each session lasting for 4 hours.


​The skills being taught are going to be made relevant through the story of a Zombie Apocalypse scenario. However these skills will be transferrable to many aspects of life whether you're going hill walking or have a corporate deadline which requires team work and communication.

Obviously should there be a real zombie outbreak... You'll at least have an excellent knowledge base to rely on and should fare better than most!

The training sessions are ran from Dearden Wood Campsite, Edenfield and due to the size of the site (it's a very tranquil isolated camp site); parking may sometimes be limited. However we have various parking options in the area - please call us to discuss.

​​If the Lite-Bite courses whet your appetite for all things survival and zombies, then you're likely to love the full weekend courses with the climax to the series being the Zombie Apocalypse Event where will be hosting a fictional "live" scenario, where actors imitating zombies will be present...

(For reference, there will be no zombies in the training sessions unless it happens for real).


If you have any additional questions please get in touch.

07853 992 332

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