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Survivor Series
Zombie Apocalypse Training School

Zombie Apocalypse Training School (ZATS).

ZATS in a nutshell:

  1. This is a weekend event. If this is too long; may we suggest you look at our "Lite Bite" events.

  2. Glamping / camping in a beautiful woodland campsite with modern facilities such as a hot water and a toilet (not just a long-drop hole in the ground!)

  3. The modern camping comforts allows you relax into the course to concentrate on the skill-sets you will master; eliminating any anxiety of sleeping rough in the rain

  4. The skills being taught are a blend of traditional survival techniques but with a modern twist; this is not a traditional Bushcraft series

  5. Finally, the survival skills being taught will be made relevant through the story of a Zombie Apocalypse Scenario

  6. During the individual training sessions, there shouldn't be any Zombies (we take active measures before and during the course to minimise the risk). However in the main Zombie Apocalypse Event it's quite likely there will be biters chasing you...

You can arrive on the Friday evening any time from 18:00 Hrs at Dearden Wood Campsite and set up your sleep system:

  • There are 14 pitches for small to medium campervans (awnings are prohibited due to the pitch sizes).

  • There are 2 pitches for small to medium-sized tents (6m x 3m maximum) and 2 parking spaces for the tent dwellers.


At approximately 20:30 on the Friday the training session will officially begin; running through Saturday and concluding at 12:00 on the Sunday. During the weekend, you will be immersed into situations requiring thought, skill and action. It will be cram-packed with fun, entertainment and you should come away feeling more confident in everyday life.

Plus... if there is a Zombie Apocalypse; would you prefer to be a survivor or rotten biter? I know which side I choose...

Training Overview.

Below we have summarised the sessions.


The content loosely follows a Zombie Apocalypse timeline highlighting when particular skills would likely be needed.


You're welcome to mix the sessions up or complete them in chronological order.

Below the summary section our story starts. You will then be immersed into the ZATS.


Clicking the DETAILS AND BOOKING link on the event "cards"; will give a full itinerary of the weekend and booking options.

Course titles and skill-set summary

Let the story begin...

The last few emergency broadcasts warned people to stay in their homes and wait for rescue... No rescue came.

All the films which you thought were just entertainment seem horrifyingly relevant. With questions constantly racing through your mind, your despair seems all consuming...

Who? What? Where? Why? How?

You check your fridge; nearly empty. The last jug of water you filled before the tap water stopped flowing will soon be gone. You peer out from a small gap in your curtains; the street is deserted.


Is anyone out there? More worryingly, are THEY out there? With blood-red eyeballs, the terrible stench of decaying flesh, screeching intermittent cries, the dead are hungry. Very hungry.

Only your immediate family and a small group of your closest friends will stand with you; but only if you can safely get to them... and then what?

Do you have the skill-set to survive...?

ZATS - no text.png
Image by Romeo Varga

If the last few years has taught us anything; we may only be weeks away from the unthinkable...

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