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Zombie Apocalypse Training School: Lite-Bite

Duration & Cost

4 Hours

£60 per person based on a minimum booking of 4 people


£40 per person based on a minimum of 8 people


£30 per person based on a minimum of 12 people

Let the story begin...

The last few emergency broadcasts warned people to stay in their homes and wait for rescue... No rescue came.

All the films which you thought were just entertainment seem horrifyingly relevant. With questions constantly racing through your mind, your despair seems all consuming...

Who? What? Where? Why? How?

You check your fridge; nearly empty. The last jug of water you filled before the tap water stopped flowing will soon be gone. You peer out from a small gap in your curtains; the street is deserted.


Is anyone out there? More worryingly, are THEY out there? With blood-red eyeballs, the terrible stench of decaying flesh, screeching intermittent cries, the dead are hungry. Very hungry.

Only your immediate family and a small group of your closest friends will stand with you; but only if you can safely get to them... and then what?

Do you have the skill-set to survive...?

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Course titles and skill-set overview

Image by Romeo Varga

If the last few years has taught us anything; we may only be weeks away from the unthinkable...

Zombie Apocalypse Training School (ZATS) Requirements and Restrictions

At Axes to Ashes we make every effort to be inclusive with our services however there are a number of items associated with ZATS which may prohibit your full experience; affecting your learning and ultimately your enjoyment. Please read the below list carefully if you have any concerns or queries please contact us prior to making any booking.

  1. All persons attending the course must be 18 years or older or 14 years if with a responsible adult over 21 years of age

  2. We operate a strict "non-bitten" rule. If any person arrives showing signs of a zombie bite (or bite of unknown source) they will not be permitted to attend the session

  3. Only live participants are permitted to partake in the course - zombie relatives / pets / associates are not allowed on site (regardless of how they are restrained)

  4. The training will be held in a woodland setting - there are limited solid ground walkways / paths / roads within the woodland area.

  5. The area is exposed to the elements and may have been used by other persons previously

  6. The ground may be steep; slippy; muddy; have trip hazards; have hidden/obscured hazards; poorly lit etc.

  7. The area is naturally lit (i.e. there are no electrically powered lights within the wood). The light levels will be directly influenced by the season, time of day and weather

  8. All persons attending the course must have a level of reasonable fitness and mobility; all courses will involve some walking and physical activity - please contact us if you have any queries

  9. Axes to Ashes Ltd, their Directors, employees, colleagues or associates will not be liable for any injuries sustained and/or death if attacked by zombies prior, during or post ZATS

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