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Bowcraft Battle

Craft your bow and get ready for battle.

Bowcraft Battle™ is the perfect combination of crafting, creativity and combat.

Image by Balint Mendlik

So what is Bowcraft Battle?

Bowcraft Battle™ is a cross between Bushcraft, Archery and "Combat Archery".


In summary: We craft long bows from modern materials. We decorate and style them to our liking; whether bright colours to reflect our personality or to blend them with nature.

Once we have our bow, we then learn to craft arrows using entirely modern (but unconventional) materials!

After practising with our bows on targets, we then swap our unconventional arrows for the regular type which are fitted with foam tips.

From here we participate in a number of team games. Think of it being a bit like Paintball, but without the pain of being shot, without the disadvantage of those with deep pockets who can afford hundreds of paintballs and it being more strategic (as you initially only get two arrows).

This fun, engaging activity will make you think. It will make you craft. It will make you play.

Step 1

Craft your bow

Workshop Tools

What are we shooting?

After crafting our bows we're then going to fletch some basic arrows, nock them (cut-out for the string) and tip them (make a point).

Step 2

Crafting arrows

Image by Lindsey Duce

Power is useless without accuracy

After crafting the arrows we will take to the archery range and practice with our newly created kit

Step 3

Refining aim

Image by Remy Gieling
Bowcraft Battle

We now switch to foam-tipped arrows, split into teams, put on some safety gear and participate in a number of team and individual shooting games.

Games include: Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Every Person For Themselves and an optional single forfeit game "Splat attack" for the member of your party whom you'd like to 'reward'.

Step 4

Team Challenge

Happy Team
Bowcraft Battle Provisions

We Crafted. We Battled. We Fed.

Croissants & Coffee whilst Crafting
(Tea or Water too)

Pizzas for lunch

Afternoon snacks and drinks




Details & Booking


  • Minimum number of participants is TEN

  • All participants must be reasonably fit as this is a physical activity taking part on grass and/or uneven surfaces

  • Please call to check availability


  • All materials are provided

  • All food and drinks are included (let us know if any in your party have dietary needs)

  • Participants take home their crafted items


  • £100 per person (minimum 10 people)

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