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Image by Sabina Music Rich

A video of our Halloween themed AXESSIBLE throwing range can be seen here.

Axes to Ashes Full Range with Axelings Range set-up

Big Events

Festivals. Carnivals. Galas. Fairs. Fetes.

Whatever your event, Axes to Ashes can add a memorable mix to compliment your existing line-up of entertainment.

Imagine your guests; bellies full, music filling the air, drink in hand, enjoying life.


Then they spot in the corner a group of people stood in silence; anticipation building. There is a "whooshing" sound followed by a thud. Cheering and laughing fill the air as the competitors hit the wooden targets. 


Don't let your guests miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of throwing pointy things at wooden targets in a safely controlled area of your venue.

People remember experiences. Not stuff.

Give them an axeperience to remember.

Call us to check the dates and book your event in!

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