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Image by Chad Montano


Discover the ultimate kitchen aid.

Full-Tang Stainless Steel construction. Hand-crafted in the UK! Various handle and packer colours available. Super sharp cutting edge. Comes with a free display stand.

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Axe™ no text.png
Axes to Ashes Kitchen Pizza Axe with black handles, red spacers, black base, green backgro

Full-Tang Stainless Steel

"Full-Tang" means that the stainless steel runs all the way through the handle; in low-quality knives and axes the metal often finishes short (saving cost but is ultimately weaker).

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Pizza Axe with black handles, red spacers, black base, green backgro

Super sharp cutting edge

The only thing more dangerous than a sharp axe; is an un-sharp one! The Kitchen Axe™ comes super sharp out of the box to make cutting easy and safe.

Image by Chris Lawton

Hand-crafted in the UK!

The Axes to Ashes Kitchen Axe™ is manufactured right here in the UK! The finishing; the handles; the base; the packaging are all also done here in the UK; supporting small independent businesses!

The Kitchen Axe™ idea

When Axes to Ashes runs mobile axe-throwing competition events around the UK; we wanted to offer a prize which was actually worth winning!


Why would you want win a cheap piece of "tat" or a low-quality imported product anyway?

So we've teamed up with a bunch of amazing small businesses to create an epic kitchen tool that is not only functional but beautiful to look at too!

Custom Colours

Whether you've booked Axes to Ashes for your wedding entertainment or you've hired our mobile axe throwing service for your big birthday celebration; sometimes you might want the Kitchen Axe™ colours to match your wedding theme or kitchen cupboards!

Axes to Ashes have a variety of options (and more to come!) to ensure YOUR Kitchen Axe™ matches your requirement!

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Axe™ no text.png

Handle Colour

The outer part of the handle is actually called a "scale". The scales can be black, blue, green, white, yellow or even RAINBOW! You name it; we can do it.

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Pizza Axe with red handles, black spacers, red base, yellow backgrou

The Packer

The "Packer" is a very thin strip which is sandwiched between the scale and the stainless steel; it can provide a complimentary contrast or match the scales.

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Pizza Axe showing yellow handles, red spacers, yellow base, grey bac

The Base

The display base is a miniature axe throwing target round! This too can compliment or contrast the colours of the Kitchen Axe™.

What will you use your Kitchen Axe™ for first?

The Kitchen Axe™ is the perfect piece of cutlery to compliment your cooking.

Image by Foad Roshan


Rather than pushing your toppings around the dough as per a traditional pizza wheel; the Kitchen Axe™ presses downwards; holding the toppings in place whilst the sharp blade slices evenly.

Image by Bao Menglong


Slice your succulent steak simply by pressing and rolling the blade forwards.

Image by Önder Örtel


No more "hacking" at the block of cheese with a butter knife. No more uneven cuts with a narrow blade. Simply place the Kitchen Axe™ upon the block and let the sharp edge do the work!

Axes to Ashes Kitchen Pizza Axe with red handles, black spacers, red base.PNG
"I want one!"

If you can't wait to actually win an Axes to Ashes Kitchen Axe™ or if you'd like to buy one as a gift for a loved-one. You can register your interest on our pre-production list and will be notified when they are available to purchase.

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