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Axes to Ashes: Range Rules

Specific clauses to Axe, Knife and other projectile tool throwing:

i.    Safety first! Dangerous or inappropriate behaviour on the range will NOT be tolerated 

ii.    The Range Master’s instruction(s) must be followed explicitly at all times

iii.    Any person not following the Range Master’s instruction(s) and/or acting dangerously may be asked to leave without refund

iv.    You must wear closed-toed shoes in order to participate in axe throwing, knife throwing and other projectile tool throwing activities. By wearing footwear that exposes your toes and/or bare feet, puts you at a higher likelihood of injury and/or severity including, but not limited to, axes, knives or other projectiles falling on your toes and/or hitting your feet causing minor to severe injury. If you decide to wear open-toed shoes despite being instructed not to do so either on this waiver and/or by an on-site employee, you assume all liability and risk by doing so.

v.    You must only enter the range when invited by the Range Master

vi.    All persons not actively participating in the event (Spectators) must remain in the viewing area, unless otherwise requested by the Range Master

vii.    Spectators will be asked to leave if they throw or attempt to throw any projectile

viii.    Only authorized projectiles provided by a representative of Axes to Ashes Ltd are permitted to be thrown, including but not limited to axes, knives and training aids

ix.    Swinging, flipping, balancing or gesturing of the projectiles is prohibited

x.    Threatening behaviour involving the projectiles is prohibited and any person(s) doing so will be asked to leave without refund

xi.    Retrieval of thrown projectiles during the course of the activities is prohibited if other thrower(s) still have any projectiles in their possession or if the Range Master instructs you to remain still

xii.    When retrieving your projectiles:

I.    Collect those in the target prior to those from the ground
II.    Ask the Range Master for assistance if needed
III.    At the end of your turn, set the projectiles down; never pass a projectile to another person
IV.    Be aware that the projectile may bounce back towards you and cause injury – do not attempt to catch it if it does

V.    Projectiles may strike one another when thrown. There is a risk of metal burrs (sharp edges) which pose a risk when handling. The projectiles must be inspected frequently and any damage found must be reported to the Range Master immediately

xiii.    Each person has a duty of care to themselves, other throwers, spectators, other persons within the immediate area and the Range Master

xiv.    Throwers under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult and both the responsible adult and Young Person must respect the instruction of the Range Master at all times

xv.    Projectiles must only be thrown at the targets provided

xvi.    If any person appears incapacitated due to the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to throw

xvii.    Food and alcohol are not permitted inside the range

xviii.    Smoking is not permitted inside the range

xix.    Everyone must sign a release form, before being permitted to throw. Those under 18 must have their release form signed by a responsible participating adult

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