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Axelings Targets Only

Space Requirements

The indoor space must be flat and level, and well lit. It must measure a minimum of 3m x 6m; to facilitate a safe space for participants.




There must be roadside or track access to the event area, where a large pick-up truck or van can park for the duration of the activity.


Equally there must be a safe and well-lit access route from the vehicle parking area to the space for the activities. The access route must be level, solid and be a minimum of 0.8 metres wide from the parking area.


Set-Up and Pack-Down

It will take approximately 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to pack down the targets. An access window of 45 minutes either side of the booking will be required in case of unexpected delays. 


Damage to Property, Possessions, Fixtures, Fittings and other Items

Although every reasonably practicable measure will be taken to protect all items indoors, it must be noted that the activity involves throwing projectiles (albeit of plastic and foam construction) which could cause damage to any physical item within the building.


Axes to Ashes Ltd, their employees, associates or members will not be liable for any damage caused either directly or indirectly from the behaviours of others (including participants) the provision of the services, activities or erection or removal of the Axeling Equipment.

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