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Axelings Bushcraft

We came. We crafted. We laughed.


First things first! Here at Axes to Ashes we do things a bit differently!

We welcome all ages, abilities and learning techniques. Furthermore we tailor the training to YOUR needs. Not OUR needs.

The most important way we achieve this is through utilising the most suitable location for your needs.

Image by Pankaj Shah

Backyard Bushcraft

We do what we say; we provide the training in your own backyard, back garden, side garden or front garden!

Unfortunately we cannot bring a woodland with us to your location however we can bring equipment, learning resources and resourcefulness! We will tailor the training to your individual circumstances. The training will focus on basic training techniques but will obviously not include woodland activities such as shelter building 

This option is predominately for:

  • Private parties

  • Private group bookings

  • Individuals with specific sensory needs

  • Those with mobility issues

Image by Robert Collins

Schools / Scouts / Group Learning Providers

We can come to your specific learning centre / building / outdoor space; we bring tools and training materials to enhance and compliment your existing curriculum.

This option is predominately for:

  • Schools

  • Scout Groups

  • Forest Schools

Image by Mustafa Chahwala

Dedicated Woodland

We have teamed up with a local woodland owner in Rossendale, Lancashire to provide a safe, welcoming space for all ages and abilities to get back to nature.

This option is predominantly for those who do not have access to woodland:

  • Schools

  • Scout Groups

  • Private parties

  • Private group bookings

Image by Sestrjevitovschii Ina


Fun-fuelled learning to inspire and captivate their imagination.


Basic challenges to promote self-reliance and teamwork.

Happy children
Campfire in Forest


Engaging tasks including group activities designed to enhance collaboration, communication and problem-solving.

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