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Axe & Knife Throwing

No matter your age, strength or whether you have a disability.


Axes to Ashes has equipment that is suitable for everyone.

Axes to Ashes aren't like ordinary axe throwing venues with very limited equipment; we have Tomahawks, Angel Axes and Throwing Knives. Plus we have an Axelings™ Range which is suitable for children and those with physical impairments which may limit their ability to throw regular projectiles.

What are the projectile tools?


Length: 22"
Specification: 4.5" blade
Skill level: 8/10


Length: 10.25"
Specification: 3 head axe
Skill level: 6/10

throwing knife

Length: 12"
Specification: Pointed tip
Skill level: 10/10

Axes to Ashes is quickly establishing itself as the best mobile axe throwing provider in the UK, through safe systems of work, a wide range of equipment and the provision of a professional but personal service.

What are the standard game rules?

The objective is to throw your selected projectile at the target.

Your score is based upon which scoring ring is hit (see diagram).

You have 10 throws to gain maximum points.

On your 5th & 10th throw you can call out "Killshot" (but for younger players we encourage them to shout "Axes to Ashes"!) and aim for one of the two small coloured targets.

If you hit one of the coloured circles you gain 8 points! If you miss however, it's a big fat "0" for that throw.

Axes to Ashes axe throwing target scoreboard

In addition to the standard point scoring game, we also include a variety of other throwing games to create a challenge and to add more variety.

We currently offer two mobile throwing ranges.

  • 3 x 9 metre footprint (approximate)

  • Two targets

  • Sheltered from the elements

  • Coloured LED or Ultraviolet (UV black-light) illumination

  • Turf or Hardstanding set-up

  • Can be heated in Winter

  • Optional integrated photobooth

Axes to Ashes Axessible Range with orange theme and open sides.jpg

The Full Range

  • 18 x 25 metre footprint (approximate)

  • Up to 6 targets

  • Open to the elements

  • LED floodlight illumination

  • Turf set-up

  • Sufficient space to throw "trick shots"

  • Axelings Range and "Dog area" with ground anchor two water bowls can be included within the space

Axes to Ashes - Full Range during the daytime
Axes to Ashes - Full Range during the evening

If your space doesn't quite fit the options listed above please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


We will do our best to provide a fun throwing session tailored to your specific needs. 

Important Bits

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