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Corporate Events

“Take Care Of Your Employees And They’ll Take Care Of Your Business,” Says Richard Branson.


And Mr Branson knows a thing or too about business...

Axes to Ashes vs a different supplier?

Axes to Ashes don't just offer "fun" activities. We also host events that are purposely designed to strip back the layers of your employees to a basic level; it will help you better understand team and individual weaknesses; thought processes and the strengths exhibited by your staff; thereby highlighting learning opportunities to help you strengthen your team.

Axes to Ashes - Power Play Away Day

Axe and knife throwing

Your Venue

As an employee or someone in charge of others; my question to you is "What did your team last do to celebrate a 'win'?"

If you're sat there thinking, "We didn't...?" Then you need Axes to Ashes to inject a bit of fun, a bit of learning but most of all; helping your business family to form long-lasting bonds.


Together we need to make your employees feel proud to tell their friends, their family and their social media connections about what a fun day THEIR EMPLOYER provided for them (and think of the raised reputation your business will command in the local area and business associates based on the word-of-mouth dialogue)!

Meeting Space plus outdoor activities

Have the option of a blended day; with access to a meeting room & outdoor activities: Your day; Your way.

Axes to Ashes has partnered with a number of venues in the North West. Your team can make use of the provided meeting room either before or after the outdoor activities. 

Image by Fauzan Saari

Your venue

If you can provide a suitable space; we can provide the activities.

If getting your staff to us would be a logistical nightmare, and you'd prefer for us to come to your site or venue please contact us to discuss options.

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Can you afford NOT to invest in your staff?

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