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Equipment Needed

For any of our activities, you will require items of equipment and clothing which is suitable, safe and sufficient.

Furthermore, any clothing and/or equipment brought to an event may become soiled, damaged, broken, burnt, smoke contaminated.

Axes to Ashes, their Directors, associates or volunteers will not be held liable for any damages, loss or theft of clothing or equipment. It is the users responsibility to look after their own equipment at all times.

If there are any concerns of the detail or requirements, please contact us prior to making any booking.


You should bring clothing which is suitable for the season and weather, this should include (but not limited to) suitable walking boots, wet-weather gear, hat, gloves, raincoat, fleece, comfortable pants / shorts, change of clothes and underwear.


Sleep Systems and Camp Equipment

Your sleep shelter system must be suitable for use outside in all seasons and weather i.e. if camping in winter you must bring a suitably rated sleeping bag and adequate warm clothing, blankets etc. to maintain a safe temperature.

Your equipment must be suitably waterproof to protect against light rain, heavy rain and windy conditions.

You should bring at least one torch (ideally head-torch) and at least one spare set of batteries.


Sharps / Cutting tools

Some of the activities will require the use of sharps or cutting equipment. Examples being knife, axe, saw etc. The carrying of such items must be compliant with UK law. If you are uncertain about bringing such equipment safely please contact us.

Should you fall foul of any legal aspect either attending, during or leaving one of our events, Axes to Ashes, their Directors, associates or volunteers will not be held liable for any misdemeanours, fines or prosecutions as a result of carrying / using such equipment.


Food, Water and Preparation Equipment

It is advised that you supply your own meals and food preparation equipment, especially if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

Please do not bring any nut products to the courses, as nut allergy reactions can be immediate and fatal to those who are sufferers.

You must bring a large water bottle (ideally 750ml - 1L) to ensure you can remain hydrated throughout the event.

Any food preparation equipment including but not limited to utensils, cookware, washing-up liquid, scouring sponge, drying towel etc must be provided by yourself.



First Aid / Medicines / Treatments

First Aid equipment is provided by Axes to Ashes for all courses and First Aid trained staff will be on site at all times. However you may wish to bring a small first aid kit.

Medicines (including painkillers) and/or topical medical treatments will not be provided by Axes to Ashes or their associates. If you have any specific treatment requirements you will need to supply your own as prescribed by your Doctor or obtained from a Pharmacist.

If there are any concerns or issues regarding medications please let us know on the Medical Questionnaire which must be completed as part of the Booking Form.

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